Building a Raspberry Pi Retro Game Console Part 1.5

In my first getting-started article, I laid out the premise this isn’t a step-by-step tutorial, but I’m trying to be thorough. I want to do an in-between update to let you know that my alternate, wireless controller idea should work. This is awesome news, because I have a splendiferous retro-themed, all-in-one, wireless controller.

If you’ve read my first article on the subject, you’ll know I was considering a plug-in, SNES-like controller for authenticity. I specifically chose the Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC, after seeing MonkeySpaz5000’s positive review of it. But, I already own the throw-back, all-in-one NES30 Pro by Bitdo and I’d like to experiment with it. I was nervous, because it doesn’t list Linux as a supported operating system, but a friend filled me in on compatible USB Bluetooth modules for the Raspberry Pi.

I’ll have to wait for my order to arrive, but I bought a Bluetooth 4.0 USB Module(v2.1). I will confirm that it does indeed work, once it arrives. Even if it does work, it doesn’t guarantee it will be plug-n-play, though. An issue with getting some controllers to work with the ROMs on the Retro Pie software is that the controller schemes need to be assigned.

I’ll see you in the next installment, where I hopefully get the software loaded and more.

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