New RPG Maker MV Announced With Multi-Device Support, Higher Resolutions and More

Around 2:00 a.m. EDT this morning, RPG Maker Web’s facebook announced the new edition of RPG Maker MV to their lineup of RPG Maker products. RPG Maker Web’s main site has little more than a splash page with an artistic image and newsletter signup.

It appears the first trickles of information are being sourced from a Famitsu post showing a scan of the article. According to Gematsu, the magazine shows no release date, but lists enhancements to come with the new game making program.

  • famitsu_article_scanHigher resolutions
  • Side-view battles
  • Three-layered maps automatically
  • Multi-device support
  • Support for mouse and touch(which makes sense if there’s going to be multi-device)
  • Item-database increase
(bullet-points source: Gematsu)

Astute viewers may have been anticipating something along the lines of a new RPG Maker product being announced around this time. Looking at a timeline shown in the RPG Maker announcement video for RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, you’ll see a chronological list of announcement(or release?) dates that go all the way up to 2016, with a mysterious question mark between 2015 and 2016.

Plenty of questions still remain, like just how high of a resolution will be supported? RPG Maker VX Ace was released in 2012(2011 in Japan). In 2012 most Televisions sold on the market had inputs for 1080p. Setting the endless technical nitpicking of resolutions aside, even if Televisions weren’t really showing 1080p even rarely, we still already had resolutions a far cry better than the 544×416 that RPG Maker VX Ace natively supports. Some scripts safely take that up to 640×480 within licensing terms, but even beyond licensing it’s a major hassle to try to push RPG Maker VX Ace beyond those limits.

Will we see 1080, or even 720 supported? It’d be nice if the engine was scalable and there were no strict license limitations. If RPG Maker VM is indeed easier, and, let’s say, quicker and more intuitive to use, maybe it has all these features in mind and they are easily and flexibly altered to whatever the would-be game-creator desires?

We will find out, in time.

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