Aqueducts, Forests, and Abandoned Towns in CV: Curse of Darkness!

Picking up deep inside the Mortvia Aqueduct, we continue our journey by exploring the remainder of the area and battling it out with the skeletal rider that serves as its boss. He’s challenging, but goes down without any great difficulty, and as a reward we get a new Innocent Devil that will allow us to glide over large gaps. This allows us to backtrack and pick up a couple things we missed, and also gains us access to the next area – the Forest of Jigramunt.

The forest is pretty twisty and complex, but it also serves as a nice place to grind up some levels. Deep inside a cave in the woods is the next boss, a powerful Minotaur that bests us during our first attempt at him. However, setting the devils on auto-pilot mode really helps in the fight, and so we finally pull off victory during the second round and open the way to Cordova, the town seen at the very beginning of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse.

Cordova is much harder than the previous areas because the enemies have gotten much stronger. It’s possible that a bit more grinding will be needed prior to pushing too much further in. Still, that’s not a big deal and it may very well be part of the fun.

So, stick around – more awesome goodness is on the way!

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