“A Link to the Shadows” — Cool NES-style Fan Game!

It seems like people have been having fun checking out some of the random Zelda fan-games I’ve been checking out lately, so I figured I’d keep on showing them as I have a lot of fun with them too!

Today, I’ve got another nifty NES-inspired quest to show you called Zelda: A Link to the Shadows. This quest actually dates back to 2009 and was designed by a user named BloodStar, and though it bears a strong resemblance to the NES classic, it actually also draws in elements from the 16-bit era. Some people on Pure ZC have said that this game should be the mark to which all NES styled quests should be compared, and maybe that’s true. I won’t make such a bold generalization here, but I will say that I was very impressed with the first hour of gameplay. The music was well-chosen, the graphics were nice, the overworld was for the most part well done, and the dungeons required a fair amount of exploration while not being too annoying. Also, I liked the “Bonus” areas at the end of each dungeon that give you a chance to earn some extra rupees to spend later on. :)

Enjoy, and stay tuned – more fun is on the way!

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Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown

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