Final Fantasy V Enhanced Playthrough #2

It’s been a long time since playthrough #1. Let’s recap. I just made it to the wind shrine for the first time when I ended #1.

The Story so far

We explored the Wind Shrine, gained our first jobs within the job-system and headed West to find the town of Walz to see what fishy business is going on there.

The journey was not all serious, as we met with some drunken revelry at the pub in Walz, where Mobly was given an impromptu lapdance by one of the dancers. Mobly and Galuf were also under what you might call a spell when checking on Faris as well.


I pulled the pixels out so they are more noticeable. You can see a crisper sharpness and notice individual pixels now. I’ve also upped vibrance and colors.

Why so long between episodes?

I have an audio problem that I really want fixed, but I’ve come up empty for a long time. I finally decided to make some more to get the series off the ground.

It’s unfortunate, because the music is 50% (or more) of what makes this game so great. For me, the audio is very important. Final Fantasy 5 is one of the best examples of great storytelling through this older video game medium.

The writing(dialog), pacing, narration, sound and music is so good in this game that you can feel and imagine the people speaking. The writing is top-notch and timed perfectly. I naturally and organically laugh out loud and hi-jinks and jokes, because the story is so well constructed and laid out that even in a 2D, pixel game with no voice-over, you can really connect yourself to the characters and story.


I will try to keep fixing the audio and perhaps even try other versions of the game if need be. But I hope you enjoy the show!

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Jeremy Stratton

Jeremy Stratton

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