5 Tips for Starting Out In Balrum

It must be Balrum-week here on Zero Friction, because I have a short video of tips to help new players get their feet wet. These are more quality-of-life tips than answers to specific puzzles or problems. I wanted to help new players get a handle on how the game function, what can be done and how to go about exploring the world rather than make a walk-through.

With that in mind, I created 5 tips to getting acquainted with Balrum. When I first started, I was immediately smitten, but also had a lot of confusion. The biggest problem I had was with my hunger and thirst rapidly depleting as still tried to just figure things out. Annoyance and frustration quickly set in as the imminent threat of dying from thirst and starvation was impeding me from simply enjoying the sense of discovery.

The developers have since made thirst and hunger less of a threat and annoyance, but whether you slow the depletion or choose a harder game-difficulty, these tips will greatly help you push that annoyance aside as you take your first steps in Balrum.

It’s a simple guide, but one that should prove to greatly speed up your introduction to the game and get you on your feet and running. I cover:

  • Movement
  • Hunger and Thirst
  • Exploring
  • Stealing
  • And questing

If you’re a veteran of the game and have other great tips for newbies, please leave a comment and help others enjoy the game with less frustration and confusion.

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Jeremy Stratton

Jeremy Stratton

Jeremy's lived long enough to see his favorite games making a comeback in High Definition and Indie games with old-school ideals. He also loves cooking and photography.