Tools I’m Exploring While Developing RPG Maker MV Game

It will be a slow-boil, but along my winding road of further creating RPG Maker MV tutorials and making my first actual RPG, I have some other software I’ll be looking at and covering in various articles and videos along the way.

Spriter Pro

spriter pro header image

Spriter is animation software that uses “Modular Animation” to create 2D animations for video game development. There’s also a technique utilizing a specific painter-program in conjunction with Spriter to create RPG Maker appropriate, pixel art that can be animated and exported in the proper images for use in RPG Maker.

With this method, one could create monsters in sideview battles where the monsters actually move whether when attacking or in passive stance. Goodbye static drawings!

Pro Motion

pro motion

While Spriter can do heavy lifting of creating animated sequences, Pro Motion will do a lot of exporting and creating the individual pixel art shots that will be imported into RPG Maker MV to have subtle movements, attack animations and so on.

Rytmik Lite Chiptune Synthesizer


An 8 and/or 16-bit music making machine that is both very powerful and confusing to figure out. But I view it as a cheap and excellent find and a way to create unique, homemade audio/music for game development.

Nimble Writer

nimble writer

Just my preferred, easy-to-use writing software. Really you don’t need anything. Don’t let things clutter and extend your work, just because they are neat. Use pen-and-paper if it helps. This is just what I prefer.

Sprite Lamp 

sprite lamp

This may be needless and maybe not even work. It’s just another program I am going to look at for the possibility of creating nice, subtle effects of light moving on NPCs, player-characters and objects, and/or day/night type stuff. I have no idea if it will even work or not.


I will, of course, be looking into all of these programs in relation to developing in RPG Maker MV. Even if I don’t use any of it, I hope to learn some interesting and fun stuff. To that end, I think this article may serve as a good list of objectives for any would-be RPG developer who possibly wants to squeeze some unique stuff out of their RPG.

I have no idea to what degree I’ll use these programs or even if I ever will. I am starting out very small, based off my RPG Maker MV Basics series. My game will be tiny – very tiny, at first. So it may be awhile before I get into any program on this list.

This is however an interesting development pipeline(besides Sprite Lamp that may not work), that could be quite powerful and resourceful for would-be developers.

You can create unique characters and monsters in Spriter and turn them into pixel animations for use in RPG maker. This alone is pretty neat, as it allows a powerful level of development for enemy and boss fights.

One could also look into voiced dialog, which I don’t know if I’d want to use, but am intrigued enough to experiment with it.

Let me know what programs you use and why for developing your RPG Maker games!

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