GG Podcast S9 E10: “Down to Design”

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Game design is a topic that I am very passionate about, even though it is something that I’ve only somewhat delved into personally. Over the last 16 or so years, I’ve on-and-off messed with various programs, and to-date the only one I’ve come close to finishing is my The Legend of Zelda: Sword of Moria fan-game (which I discuss a bit at the close of this episode).

My great friend Jeremy is back on the show for this episode, though, to talk some about his recent adventures with RPG Maker MV. For a while now, Jeremy has been periodically putting out video tutorials on the basic fundamentals of the program, and recently he made the decision to take the knowledge he’s gained over the last few months and use that to build his very own RPG based around a fantasy universe he created many years ago. He discusses the fact that he will likely continue doing tutorials, but that he’ll probably be showing actual bits of his game design process of the actual game he’s making, which will save time but also be an effective way to show you how to do things.

I also talk a little about my use of Zelda Classic and what I’ve accomplished in my fan-game I’ve been working on, and at the end of the show I discuss my plans for an upcoming release (no target date set yet though!).

Music in this episode comes from the OverClocked Remix Final Fantasy VI: Balance & Ruin soundtrack. It’s a really great musical score!

As always, you can find these episodes on iTunes, but you can also find the MP3 directly here:

GG 09-10: “Down to Design” (MP3)

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Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown

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