GG Podcast S9 E12: “Delving into Game Design”

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It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve released an episode of the podcast and, well…Technically, it has been a while!

A couple weeks ago I had to go out of town for some required military training that lasted about a week, and during that time I decided not to worry about the show or putting out an episode, even if it was one I “banked” and scheduled. Yet, after I got back, I ended up being very sick for about a week’s time, and naturally that put a damper on my mental ability to record a show. So…Long story short, the show took an unintended two-week hiatus, but things are getting back on track!

This time around, Jeremy Stratton is back on and joins me to talk some more about the video game design process. As you might recall, Jeremy has been putting out a good deal of RPG Maker MV tutorials on his YouTube channel, but for a long while he’s talked about wanting to take the fantasy world he developed many years ago and pick a story from it to turn into a playable 1-2 hour game. Well, he’s finally embarked on that journey, and so he shares with me some of his efforts in scripting, plug-ins, and getting the engine that he wants fine-tuned and ready to go. I think it makes for a pretty awesome episode, and I for one find game design to be a fascinating topic!

Anyway, as always, you can subscribe via iTunes or grab the RSS, but you can also now find us on Google Play Music’s Podcast Portal! Yet, if you’d like the MP3, you can still find it directly here:

GG 09-12: “Delving into Game Design” (MP3)

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Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown

Jessica "Allahweh" Brown has been a gamer since the '80s and loves modern, indie, and retro games alike. Feel free to follow her adventures at GamingGoddess.net.