Finally Finishing Off “Zelda: Tale of Lyria!”

I’m finally getting back to Zelda: Tale of Lyria here after about a month between episodes, but this will be the final portion of the game. In this segment, we take on the following dungeons:

  • Adamantine Cave
  • The Nexus
  • Temple of Light (Level 5)
  • Tagia’s Castle (Final Dungeon)

Of course, as always, we do a bit of exploring and backtracking along the way, tying up a few loose ends and also getting the optional Crystal Sword (Level 4, the strongest weapon in the game!), which does make the last portion of the game a bit easier.

Overall, I’d rate this quest pretty well. It’s not without a few frustrating moments and things I’d have liked to have seen improved upon, but overall it’s a lot of fun. I manage to complete the game in just under four hours total, with no deaths, and I think that’s a pretty good feat to me!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this playthrough. Stay tuned – more gaming fun is on the way!

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Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown

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