“Shaking the Hive” is an Excellent continuation to Blues & Bullets!

In March of 2016, indie studio A Crowd of Monsters released the second episode for their alternate history 1950s noir crime drama Blues and Bullets. For those that don’t know much about this game, it’s set in an alternate timeline where Al Capone has recently gotten out of prison and enlisted the help of the legendary Eliot Ness, who retired some years ago and works in a diner. However, Capone needs his help rescuing his missing granddaughter Sophia, so Ness sets aside his differences with the crime boss and embarks on a grand adventure to solve a serial missing children case.

In Episode 2, we learn a bit more about Ness’s backstory, his relationship to Delphine, and start unraveling a case involving human trafficking and child abduction. In this preview video I’ve put together here, we get to see a flashback to the 1930s that tells more about Eliot and Delphine and then we come back to the present, where Ness and Milton enter a giant Russian submarine to meet a crime boss that might have something to do with the missing persons’ case they are looking into. Naturally, a massive shootout will soon ensue!

Blues & Bullets: Episode 2, titled “Shaking the Hive,” can be purchased as part of the Episodes 1-5 collection, for $19.99 on Steam. If you just want to sample Episode 1 (from 2015), you can buy it as a stand-alone game for $4.99.

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