Syberia 3 Is Being Made 10 Years After 2

Syberia 3 is actually being made after ten years. These were among the few Point & Click adventure games that I took a liking to. Syberia 1 and 2 are devoid of monsters and fighting, but surprisingly rich with complex characters, intriguing puzzles and deep story plots. It’s a high-caliber story that manages to spark a lot of wonder and excitement.

For those mega-fans of the first two games, you’ll be thrilled to know Benoit Sokal is on board for the writing. Part 3 will be rendered in full 3D for the first time in the series. It’s a brand new adventure for Kate Walker. She leaves the island behind and connects with the Ostrich-riding Youkol tribe. And Kate still has to deal with her past catching up to her.

With the game now being rendered in 3D, the team is putting in a large amount of effects and creating a cinematic feel. This is pretty exciting to me. The first 2 games already are top-notch and evoke a great sense of immersion that will be even more immersive now.

Syberia 3 is looking amazing whether you are a long-time fan of the series or only now discovering it. Check out the official website and some artwork below.

camp Youkol couleur final


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Jeremy Stratton

Jeremy Stratton

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  • Thanks for the heads up on this game! I knew about the other two and I think I do own them on Steam, but I’ve never gotten into them. I have always heard that they were really good, and now I’m excited to see this 3rd installment. I also definitely need to take a look at the first two :P