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This update post is my attempt to convey what ZF is, why you’d want to add us to your daily reading schedule and hopefully make sense. I’m very passionate about Zero Friction. It’s my baby that I want to see grow up and become a success. Little ZF doesn’t have to go to the best college or become president or win a Nobel Prize, but I would love to see ZF go to new heights, attract a larger audience and generate a large and thriving community built on fun.

Zero Friction is a Retro and Indie gaming site. It does mean you will find reviews on anecdotes on the latest and hottest Indie titles or learn some current events and the latest news snippets, but ZF is much more than that. ZF really isn’t “just another gaming site”. We have a wide range of amazing content that is possible because of an intersection between Retro and Indie games.

You’ll find that refreshing mix and difference in engaging and fun articles and videos speculating about Mega Man’s timeline or why fishing in Zelda: Ocarina of Time is so darn fun. You’ll read intriguing information about Indie and Retro games in the face of emerging technology like VR and increasingly better TVs and displays.

Philosphical, artful, retrospective, intellectual, relaxing and exciting content is mixed in to regular updates about new games, new products and reviews, on a daily basis.

On some level, Zero Friction has to compete with all gaming outlets in a basic sense, but we feel very little pressure, because we’re almost never truly competing with any site head-to-head, because our stuff is largely very-original, unique content.

We have lots of resources you can find to read more about who we are and more in the small menu at the top-most part of any page.

We love comments and interaction and want to grow Zero Friction in 2016. Let us know what you like, dislike and what would get you to come back to us.

Keep looking for that ultimate weapon or skill in your favorite game. The one that removes limitations(or friction).

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Jeremy Stratton

Jeremy Stratton

Jeremy's lived long enough to see his favorite games making a comeback in High Definition and Indie games with old-school ideals. He also loves cooking and photography.

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