Playing Habits In The Face Of Retro Remakes and Endless Indies

Long ago now I fully submerged myself in the world of Indie gaming, but I didn’t forget the larger gaming cosmos. My go-to daily source for gaming is indie, while I flirt with classics and major titles that strike my fancy. Does this sound like you?

When I ate, slept and dreamt MMOs twenty-four seven, it was common to read how people played their favorite MMO almost exclusively, but would hop around while waiting for their game’s next expansion. Do you play Indie or Retro titles while waiting between the big AAA releases? Or do you have just enough time and money to save up for each new big title and this keeps you out of the world of Indie?

I find myself spending on Indies to the point when a Triple-A title releases I can’t afford it and either skip it until it’s been out long enough that it’s on sale and no longer new. Or I spurge and spend more than I really should.

The big consoles are starting to add cheaper indie games to their platforms. This has some benefit for Indie exposure and sales. But I do wonder if treatment of indies takes on a clear hierarchy. For myself, there are clearly some big-budget games I wait for, along with lots of Indies I try. But I’ve also found some Indie games that have instantly taken priority over any wait or anticipation over the big boys.

How do you approach Indie, then? Is it a kiddie-pool who wade through only when you don’t yet have the next Triple-A title in your hands, do you play less of the big games now or is it equal parts of a new gaming industry? And not to gloss-over classic Retro titles, do you find yourself too busy playing classics?

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Jeremy Stratton

Jeremy Stratton

Jeremy's lived long enough to see his favorite games making a comeback in High Definition and Indie games with old-school ideals. He also loves cooking and photography.

  • This is a really interesting thing to consider. Much like you, I find myself with far too many games to really dig into. Sometimes, I purchase them on a whim on a Steam sale or a deal that’s too good to pass up over at Humble or Bundle Stars, but I also (like you) get a decently large volume of review and preview titles to dig into. I think this is part of the saturation of games due to digital distribution on Steam and the like, and it’s not a bad thing, but it does give us some kind of gaming OCD at times.

    I find myself constantly digging into indie titles and enjoying them. Really, I’d say I play more of the indie (or at least mid-tier AAA) games more than I buy major titles these days, so it’s kind of become more the norm for me that indies are the majority and AAA are games I play now and then, when something big and unique comes along that I just can’t ignore.

    I’m always looking for unique experiences, and so I find that indie devs take more of a chance with that.

    As far as retro gaming goes, I play a good amount of it. There’s nothing like relaxing with an hour of a favorite classic (or a lost gem) before bed, or to unwind in the afternoon :)