How To Be A Dick In Ancient Greece

Okhlos is an angry-mob simulator taking queues from fast-paced brawlers and old-school troop management games to deliver a stylish arcade experience without commitment.

I honestly struggled with which direction to take when speaking about Okhlos. The game is ripe for mirroring current events and political ramblings, but I decided not to go down that road.

The premise is that the people of Greece have had enough with the Gods toying with them. You are a Philosopher that sets out and quickly gathers varying unit types into your growing mob of angry citizens and set out to give these Gods a deserving smack down.

You control your main guy with WASD movement while freely guiding the mob with the mouse. You can attack building, soldiers, magic users and more with a simple left-click of the mouse and shield with a right-click. You can have your mob spread-out to help avoid unwanted obstacles as well as have them bunch together more tightly to get through tricky areas. Occasionally you’ll find a market where you can buy Heroes that add mob bonuses including better defense, more mob capacity and other perks.

The game plays smoothly even when you accumulate a rather large mob. Some units can carry bombs, food and other items. Some have lower attack but higher defense and so on. This is where troop management comes in to play. I found the gameplay so fast and the constantly shifting mob so bunched together that it really downplays a need to strategically think too much about unit management. I kind of just made sure I had at least one unit that could carry food so I could heal once in awhile and the rest of the time I just ignored who I was getting in my mob. Through longer gameplay, I might be able to better switch things to my liking on the fly or feel the need to do so, but the first twenty minutes of gameplay things were just chaotic. I just made sure I had the basics of steering the mob and attacking when I needed to.

Okhlos seems fun in a Smash TV-meets-Ghouls and Goblins kind of way. Things initially seemed balanced and taught me the basics. I think $12.99 is also a good price-point for it. If you want some light-hearted gameplay mechanics to progress through in short sessions after school or work, you might like Okhlos.

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Jeremy Stratton

Jeremy Stratton

Jeremy's lived long enough to see his favorite games making a comeback in High Definition and Indie games with old-school ideals. He also loves cooking and photography.