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I’ve been forcing game play with some indie games I’ve collected in the past to re-evaluate my interest in them. Battle Brothers is on deck. This open-world, turn-based tactics game has been in Early Access on Steam for a long time, but through my notifications I’m told it’s always being worked on. The progress has shown as Battle Brothers has improved.

20161005105412_1I say this a lot and it’s not so much a complaint against indie developers as it’s par for the course, but I always come back to the issue of balance. It’s an area that is extremely nebulous in the world of indie development as it can easily benefit from more testing and other quality assurance work. Both of these things equate almost equally to money – the major dividing factor between indie and big-budget games.

After booting-up Battle Brothers I noticed a lot of improvements in the UI right away. The induction into the game is a lot better too. Art and presentation are showing high production value. There’s a lot of math going on in this game as it’s turn-based akin to a table-top boardgame(I.E. Battletech, Warhammer). And there’s quite a few stats governing a lot of outcomes. I’m at a point where I’m trying to better gear my small ragtag band of men, but am letting the stats throw me off a bit. I needed to take more careful consideration of who I was hiring in order to better flesh out a team of diverse classes. It seems easy to build a bad character without first doing a little homework into how the stats govern characters. I realized a bit too late that I was using daggers on men much more proficient at using bows or leveling a stat that wasn’t helping me.

20161005105336_1I enjoy these types of turn-based games where I get to plan out my next move, build and gear each character how I wish and ultimately create the team I want. Battle Brothers supplies some unique game play in this genre as well. There’s a generated world-map that you can freely move around on. Go anywhere whenever you want. Take on missions, fight random battles, manage your food supply and more.

While getting into the game is a little easier today, it’s still a challenge in part because it takes a slightly more perceptive eye to hire and gear starting characters to be helpful and not a hindrance. Without dissecting the stats which are the meat-and-potatoes of the game, I’d say the devs are doing a great job with Battle Brothers. Now, if only I could learn how to better gear my characters so I can quit slowly losing more ground than I gain with each battle.

You can pick up Battle Brothers on Steam for $19.99US



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