Why I’m not interested in Final Fantasy 15

I stopped playing Final Fantasy games after I finished 10. FF10 was a fantastic, amazing game. It was terrific in many ways. Final Fantasy 10-2 disinterested me with its aspect of riffing off of 10. I heard it was very good and it was very well received. But on the journey to Final Fantasy 15, I lost my love of the franchise.

For a little backstory, Final Fantasy 9 is my all-time favorite of the series. All of the preceding were terrific. Heck 5(in the USA) was outstanding, but 9 captivated me with the characters heart-wrenching developing stories. 10 was a great addition to the franchise and I might have been on-board with 10-2 if it weren’t for my trip to college at the time. But fast-forwarding to 15 has me feeling I made the right decision to let the franchise die, in my mind, with 10.

You see the major problem I have with FF15 is the same problem I have with a lot of contemporary Anime – even the ones taking place in the past or in utterly fantastical settings. That is the stories draw too heavily from current day events.

Do you know one of the single greatest reasons why the original Star Wars movies and Firefly the series was so excellent? Because they maintained the illusion of a completely other reality. They had their own world, their own cultures, but even beyond that they had their own colloquialisms and jokes that could only be told within the context of those worlds.

Final Fantasy 15 on the other hand is rife with smart phone texting, cool cars, cool clothing and cool behavior that is completely contemporary to OUR world, and not just our world, but our world as it exists right now, in 2016.

I’m glad the series is continuously moving forward, but I’m perhaps one of the less intrigued by this newest entry in the series.

I should note too that I am a fan of the turn-based combat of Final Fantasies past. The newer entries in the franchise are decidedly Action-RPGS.

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Jeremy Stratton

Jeremy Stratton

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