Ananias: Well Constructed Middle-Ground Roguelike

Ananias by Slashware Interactive is a good middle-ground Roguelike with an excellent User Interface. While it’s not incorrect to call it a simplified Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, it also isn’t simplified at the cost of fun or depth.

Ananias is extremely accessible and quick to get started with an interface that is clear, concise and doesn’t leave you with a lot of questions as to how the game operates. You’ll be playing in seconds.

Procedural dungeons and multiple classes should provide a decent amount of replayability. Online leaderboards let you compare your overall achievements with a community.

This is a roguelike that tried to streamline the process of playing by allowing quicker movement between rooms whenever enemies aren’t present. While leveling is streamlined as well and based simply on making it to the next foor, players still have a wealth of weapons, equipment, familiars(pets), bandages mixable potions and more to give more player-choice. Leveling-up also comes with a choice of how one wishes to build their character as you delve deeper into the dungeon.

There’s still a healthy amount of math going on behind the scenes. Faithful dice rolls like a carbine that does 1D3+1 damage aid players in progressing and upgrading.

For $4.99US, I think this is a fun contribution to the roguelike genre that does a great job of being a little simpler than a “hardcore” roguelike, but not at the expense of fun – and it still has some welcome RPG-like depth

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Jeremy Stratton

Jeremy Stratton

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