A new, retro-future term for a new retro future. You finally find that ultimate weapon, spell or wand that has no limitations. It has perfect range, reload time and no recoil. It’s not weak against opposite magical elements. No punch or kick can get through that block. That’s a Zero Friction weapon, spell, ability, vehicle or other item of uber-status in the games you play. And you just found Zero Friction: The website for Retro and Indie gaming news, opinions, editorials, video and related content.

ZF is an independent cross-roads for Retro and Indie gaming. Besides yammering on about the unfettered joy of cutting grass in Zelda or giving a first-impression of the latest Indie title, we cover retro-tech like computer emulators and Raspberry Pi game consoles, fan-made games and even new or big-budget titles like Pillars of Eternity or Child of Light that fit comfortably within the spectrum of indie or retro. We do all of this in a myriad of ways, whether it’s livestreaming on our Twitch page, providing unique video through our YouTube channel or opinion-editorials, reviews, first impressions and other articles on the site.

Who We Are

At the core of Zero Friction are two passionate editors who have been gaming and writing in the industry for years.


about_us_jessicaJessica Brown has been a gamer since she was a child in the 1980s, growing up with systems like the original NES, Sega Genesis, Super NES, PlayStation, and much more. Over the years, it’s all grown into a massive collection of over 1,000 games, and even though she keeps up with modern consoles, these days she tends to favor PC gaming. She’s no stranger to the MMO world and certainly enjoys her large, big-ticket RPGs, but she’s a real stickler for the indie scene as well.

Jessica started her own personal gaming site, Allahweh’s Domain, in January 2011 and has been hosting a weekly seasonal podcast called “The Gaming Goddess” since January 2012. She’s also a writer for Nerdy But Flirty and the Administrative Officer for The Button Smashers. She frequently uploads gaming videos, vlogs, and more to her personal YouTube channel.

In the “real world,” Jessica is field-grade military officer and is also working on getting certified as a Taekwondo instructor. She currently lives down in Mississippi.

Email: jessica@zero-friction.net

Twitter: @Allahwehbio_header_jeremy

about_us_jeremyJeremy Stratton grew up console gaming since the NES and was immediately swallowed by the RPG genre. He’s more recently been catching up on older cRPG, strategy, turn-based and other genre classics through Steam. As a former English major and full-time word-nerd he’s used an obsession with writing to Blog since the days one could turn on a computer and hear the iconic AOL greeting “You’ve got mail”.

He’s been writing about video games for over six years now, starting with his personal site How To Lose Your Life To An MMORPG and before that Emergency Trap. He’s written numerous articles for MMORPG.com, Game Bunny, The MMO Gamer, MMOHub, MMO Voices and a gig at Massively(now MassivelyOP) – you can still read his Massively articles on Engadget. He’s been on gaming podcasts, Google Hangouts and generally tries to worm his way into anything he can. Jeremy has also been uploading game content to his old YouTube channel for years, but has started over with his new channel.

Jeremy loves languages, learning, Eastern culture, photography and experimenting wildly with cooking.

Email: jeremy@zero-friction.net

Twitter: @stratxgaming

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