30 Apr 2016

RPG Maker MV: Designing A Message Window

After I finished my RPG Maker Basics tutorial series I was spurred-on to continue this into making a very tiny, but fully functional game, complete with a story. The cool part is I already have the story. I’m taking a book idea I’ve had for years now and using it.

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25 Apr 2016

Gearing up for RPG making

I made a small series of RPG Maker MV Basic tutorials for beginners that I feel really good about. I’m preparing to start another series, but wanted to combine this with the result of having a tiny, but fully realized RPG when finished. The build-up and rundown for it so

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21 Apr 2016

[PF] Dinn Reveals Dinner Date

I dubbed this¬†inaugural feature “Phat Fingers” after trying to find a certain game via Steam search, but typing in the wrong letters revealed a different sort of game. I could only recall that the original game I wanted contained the letters “Din” and ended up typing “Dinn”, but that brought

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20 Apr 2016

Hell on Earth In RTS Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

When critiquing games, it’s easy to get caught up in over-analyzing for analyzing’s sake. That’s what I found myself doing in my first hour of playing Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation. I was too busy picking apart the graphics, user interface and selection funtions to realize that after three hours I

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08 Apr 2016

Flamberge: Synchronous Turn-Based RPG

I’ve had Flamberge on my Steam wishlist for a very long time and finally decided to explore it. What I found made me wish I had tried it months ago, but I’m happy to finally discover this synchronous, free-roaming, turn-based, tactical RPG that can be played singleplayer or multiplayer. There

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01 Apr 2016

Hyper Light Drifter and the Growing Problem of Indie Games Being Too Hard

I’ve been grumbling from my soap box for weeks that indie games are too hard. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has recently echoed my sentiments to a much larger audience and I have to say that I think it deserves the signal boost. I think there’s a lack of quality control and

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30 Mar 2016

Avaris 2: Quirky Troop Management With 36k Troops On A Map

Avaris 2 is at first puzzling as to what kind of game it is. After playing a few quick battles where I felt I did nothing to affect the course of gameplay, I still didn’t have a handle on what was happening. But Avaris 2 is at heart a troop-management

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26 Mar 2016

Can Space Food Truck Inspire a Fantasy Food Truck?

Space Food truck by One Man Left Studios is a co-op game for 1 to 4 players where a procedurally-generated galaxy is explored to collect recipes, ingredients and survive dangers. The game combines deck-building and classes to fulfill group-oriented tasks to appease hungry worlds and achieve food domination. Each player

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16 Mar 2016

Tools I’m Exploring While Developing RPG Maker MV Game

It will be a slow-boil, but along my winding road of further creating RPG Maker MV tutorials and making my first actual RPG, I have some other software I’ll be looking at and covering in various articles and videos along the way. Spriter Pro http://store.steampowered.com/app/332360/ Spriter is animation software that

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14 Mar 2016

Stardew Valley’s roots planted by Harvest Moon and Runefactory

Animal Crossing likely had more exposure, but Harvest Moon and Runefactory have long histories that can readily be seen in today’s big-hit Stardew Valley. What’s interesting is the disparity that exists in who knows and who doesn’t know what the heck Harvest Moon and Runefactory even are. On one hand,

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