10 Sep 2016

“Mega Man Sunrise” Offers Game Boy Nostalgia!

When it comes to fan-game design, DJ Coco is a person of many talents. In the past, I’ve enjoyed Coco’s Super Mario Country and Paper Mario 3D Land, and so when I discovered that they took a crack at making their own Mega Man title I was very excited. What also made this

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12 May 2016

Finally Finishing Off “Zelda: Tale of Lyria!”

I’m finally getting back to Zelda: Tale of Lyria here after about a month between episodes, but this will be the final portion of the game. In this segment, we take on the following dungeons: Adamantine Cave The Nexus Temple of Light (Level 5) Tagia’s Castle (Final Dungeon) Of course, as always,

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30 Apr 2016

RPG Maker MV: Designing A Message Window

After I finished my RPG Maker Basics tutorial series I was spurred-on to continue this into making a very tiny, but fully functional game, complete with a story. The cool part is I already have the story. I’m taking a book idea I’ve had for years now and using it.

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27 Apr 2016

“Tatanga’s Return” is a Fantastic SNES Hack!

It’s been a little while since I’ve featured a ROM hack on my YouTube channel, but Super Mario Land 3: Tatanga’s Return is most definitely worth taking the time to feature. It’s a brand-new hack of Super Mario World from Gamma V that came out on April 12 and its goal was to create

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25 Apr 2016

Gearing up for RPG making

I made a small series of RPG Maker MV Basic tutorials for beginners that I feel really good about. I’m preparing to start another series, but wanted to combine this with the result of having a tiny, but fully realized RPG when finished. The build-up and rundown for it so

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11 Apr 2016

Getting Much Deeper into “Zelda: Tale of Lyria!”

Often, I ask for feedback as to whether or not my viewers want to see some more of any game that I end up doing a feature on, and since in late-March I had done a gameplay video of a new fan-game called The Legend of Zelda: Tale of Lyria, I

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28 Mar 2016

“Zelda: Tale of Lyria” Offers a Fun ZC Adventure!

I’ve joked in the past that if I cared strictly about YouTube views and ad revenue, the main focus of my channel would need to be Zelda and Mega Man fan-games, but all joking aside there’s certainly a strong interested market for those types of videos. I’m an avid appreciator of the fan community

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18 Dec 2015

“Zelda: A Link to the Shadows” – Tougher Dungeons & A Dark World?!

Recently, I’ve been doing some sample videos of various Zelda Classic fan-made quests, but The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Darkness seems to have stood out a good bit as a game people wanted to see more of, and I definitely have to agree. I like this quest because it

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15 Dec 2015

“A Link to the Shadows” — Cool NES-style Fan Game!

It seems like people have been having fun checking out some of the random Zelda fan-games I’ve been checking out lately, so I figured I’d keep on showing them as I have a lot of fun with them too! Today, I’ve got another nifty NES-inspired quest to show you called Zelda:

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13 Dec 2015

“Zelda: Temples of Turmoil” – Neat 8-bit ZC Fan-Game!

It should come as no surprise that I love me some Zelda games, and I also happen to really enjoy Zelda fan-games as well. Zelda Classic is a program that for the last 16+ years has been a godsend to the fan community and has spawned some really fantastic quests over the years.

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