19 May 2015

Hammerwatch and the Awesomesauce of Starting With a Slower Moving Character

Hammerwatch is an arcade-y indie dungeon crawler that starts simple, is easy to grasp, but treads into deeper waters. I wish I could write that sentence about most games. It sounds simple and explains the idea behind many games in any genre, but for today’s fascination with hardcore and challenging games, Hammerwatch

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15 May 2015

‘The Gaming Goddess’ Podcast – Season 7, Ep. 17: “Too Indie for Ya?”

As we approach the end of Season 7 of the show, I’ve wanted to allow this season to go out with a bang. Leading up to this, I’ve invited long-time friend of the show and a great personal friend of mine, Warren C. Bennett, to join me here for another

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12 May 2015

Fortune’s Tavern: A fun Glitchy Journey

There’s been a few surprising entries on Steam that have come out of the RPG Maker community. Games like To the Moon and Last Word have shown RPG Maker isn’t condemned to variants of a stock engine with different stories, but that game play and graphics can be pushed to

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11 May 2015

“Betrayer” – A Unique Open-World Horror in the New World

Until a couple months ago, I had no idea what Betrayer was. Recently, though, I decided to pick it up on Steam after reading a lot of great things about it, and from what I have played so far, it is definitely a game I’d highly recommend. Betrayer is set

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07 May 2015

“Pineview Drive” – A Mediocre Horror ‘Experience’

Pineview Drive is an indie horror game developed by Visual Imagination Studio and released back in July of 2014. I was aware of its existence but didn’t know all that much about it until a recent bundle purchase included this game. I sat on it for a few weeks and

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04 May 2015

“FarSky” – A Deep Sea Survival Adventure!

In FarSky, players take the role of Nathan, a researcher whose submarine breaks down deep underwater in the middle of the ocean. Too deep to safely swim to the surface (and with limited air supplies anyway even if he were to think of doing so), he has to set up

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02 May 2015

REVIEW: “Remnants of Isolation” (PC)

TITLE: Remnants of Isolation DEVELOPER: Team Isolation PUBLISHER: Degica GENRE: Turn-based RPG (Single-Player) PLATFORM: PC (via Steam) PRICE: Reg. $9.99 USD RELEASE DATE: May 1, 2015 My friend Jeremy and I have been talking back and forth for some time now about the volume of RPG Maker-made games flowing onto

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15 Apr 2015

Remembering Titan Souls Demo

Titan Souls is big right now. I played an early demo many moons ago and want to share my fuzzy memory about this unique boss-fighting game with pixelated graphics. I want to approach the game and this article in a retro fashion and from a different viewpoint. The following are

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07 Apr 2015

IndieBox: Monthly Indie Game Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are hotter than Ifrit after having ate a bad food-truck burrito with extra habanero sauce, while being stuck in a car during rush-hour traffic. There’s every color, size, shape and flavor of product imaginable you can have delivered right to your door every month and that includes physical

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