13 Dec 2016

Why I’m not interested in Final Fantasy 15

I stopped playing Final Fantasy games after I finished 10. FF10 was a fantastic, amazing game. It was terrific in many ways. Final Fantasy 10-2 disinterested me with its aspect of riffing off of 10. I heard it was very good and it was very well received. But on the

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24 Oct 2016

Q&A with “Voodoo’s” Developers at Brain in the Box!

With Brain in the Box’s upcoming game Voodoo entering closed beta very soon, there are a few questions that those who have been following the title’s development are likely to want answers to. Thankfully, the company’s development team was very happy to answer some questions! Q: What can we expect from Voodoo‘s closed

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10 Oct 2016

“Voodoo” Seeking Submissions for In-Game Content

Brain in the Box, creators of the upcoming open-world primal survival game Voodoo, are calling for creative submissions from the general public. The indie developers are seeking submissions from artists, historians, anthropologists, and technologists. “Africa is such a diverse continent in terms of culture and heritage. Imagine how much we’ll miss

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05 Oct 2016

505 Games Partnering w/ IGA on “Bloodstained!”

Global publisher 505 Games just announced today that it was entering into an agreement for worldwide publishing rights to Koji “IGA” Igarashi’s latest opus Bloodstained. Last year, Bloodstained raised over $5,500,000 through crowdfunding on Kickstarter with more than 65,000 backers. Early demos of the game have been very well-received and already gamers have been

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03 Oct 2016

“Voodoo” Will Take a Leap of Faith at MGW16

Brain in the Box has been working on an open-world multiplayer survival game called Voodoo for over a year now, and it was a comment that followed their receipt of the Modena Nerd Indie Award that piqued some interest. The Italian indie company’s CEO, Paolo Chiaramello, remarked that “We’ve decided to take a

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16 Sep 2016

“The Descendant: Episode 1” Full Playthrough!

The Descendant is an episodic post-apocalyptic PC adventure game from Gaming Corps AB that I was turned onto by this site’s own Jeremy Stratton. Each episode seems to be fairly short so far (around an hour or less), so this lends itself to easy recording because each episode of the game

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09 Sep 2016

“Ember” is a Massive PC RPG Launching Today!

Ember is a very deep game inspired by classic Computer RPGs that launches on Steam today courtesy of N-Fusion Interactive and 505 Games. It’s had a long and adventuresome development history that spans over ten years, but the end result should be a rich and detailed world that has over 30

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15 Jun 2016

Playing Habits In The Face Of Retro Remakes and Endless Indies

Long ago now I fully submerged myself in the world of Indie gaming, but I didn’t forget the larger gaming cosmos. My go-to daily source for gaming is indie, while I flirt with classics and major titles that strike my fancy. Does this sound like you? When I ate, slept

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12 Jun 2016

Zero Friction stands for

This update post is my attempt to convey what ZF is, why you’d want to add us to your daily reading schedule and hopefully make sense. I’m very passionate about Zero Friction. It’s my baby that I want to see grow up and become a success. Little ZF doesn’t have

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07 Jun 2016

Syberia 3 Is Being Made 10 Years After 2

Syberia 3 is actually being made after ten years. These were among the few Point & Click adventure games that I took a liking to. Syberia 1 and 2 are devoid of monsters and fighting, but surprisingly rich with complex characters, intriguing puzzles and deep story plots. It’s a high-caliber

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