10 Jul 2015

Baldur’s Gate Gets An In-between-quel

If Steam sales weren’t enough to get you to fork over your cash for Baldur’s Gate:Enhanced Edition, Beamdog announced an in-between-quel expansion. Yes. We are getting a brand-new expansion to a 17 year old game. Granted, the expansion is actually for the aforementioned remake that released in 2012, but cRPG

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09 Jul 2015

Outward Gets One Million Dollar Boost

Outward is an open-world, RPG, life simulator I once pointed out to some friends. Nine Dots Studio describes it as an open-world RPG that focuses on the life of an ordinary adventurer. I’ve had a peek at the Kickstarter they were running which was canceled for failing to achieve its

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15 Jun 2015

Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced At E3 2015

You wouldn’t think a place like E3 2015 – overflowing with the latest technology and newest, eye-popping video games on display, would be where one of the biggest moments in nostalgic, retro gaming news would come from (or maybe that’s exactly where you thought it would come from). In either

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29 May 2015

‘The Gaming Goddess’ Podcast – Season 7, Ep. 18: “An Ethical World?”

Seasons of this podcast seem to quickly come and go, and somehow we’ve already reached the end of the line for Season 7! Yet, this season has had a very solid run in my opinion and since January we’ve managed to sneak in a total of 18 episodes, covering a

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07 Apr 2015

Nintendo Scores With claim on YouTube Ad-Revenue

YouTube is renowned for being a giant platform for video sharing, original content and video game play throughs that allow users to generate money, but Nintendo has been making waves by claiming their copyright and taking the ad-revenue that previously went to gamers who uploaded gaming videos. Compliant with YouTube policies, Nintendo became

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