14 Mar 2016

Stardew Valley’s roots planted by Harvest Moon and Runefactory

Animal Crossing likely had more exposure, but Harvest Moon and Runefactory have long histories that can readily be seen in today’s big-hit Stardew Valley. What’s interesting is the disparity that exists in who knows and who doesn’t know what the heck Harvest Moon and Runefactory even are. On one hand,

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13 Mar 2016

Enjoy Monkey Mayhem with the 2nd Half of “Donkey Kong Country!”

The difficulty of the game really ramps itself up as you reach the later stages of the game, and so getting through Kremcrock Industries (the game’s factory area) and the Chimp Caverns takes almost as long as getting through the four areas that precede them. However, Nintendo has always done

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12 Mar 2016

“Mega Man 2” — One of My All-Time Favorites!

Growing up, Mega Man 2 was definitely one of my all-time favorite games on the NES and definitely a favorite in Capcom’s Mega Man series. In fact, I played Mega Man 2 before I ever touched the original (which, in fact, I didn’t play until around the mid-90s when I ordered a copy from

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10 Mar 2016

Revisiting “Donkey Kong Country” w/ Awesome HD Quality!

When it comes to the Super Nintendo, Donkey Kong Country is regarded as a pretty amazing entry for the platform. Back when it debuted in 1994, the graphics were pretty astounding for a 16-bit platform, featuring a 32 Megabit cartridge with pre-rendered environments and character models resembling claymation. Add to that the

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08 Mar 2016

Revisiting “Mega Man” on the NES w/ HD Filtering!

The original NES Mega Man was the very first game I ever live-streamed, way back in early-2013. It marked the debut of The Retro Play Show series of live and recorded classic gaming sessions and helped teach me a thing or two about live-streaming and recording as a whole. Even to this day, nearly

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23 Feb 2016

The Zelda Franchise Turns 30!!

On February 21, 2016 Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise marked its 30th anniversary. Indeed, the original Zelda no Densetsu was released in Japan as the inaugural title for the Famicom Disk System peripheral back on February 21, 1986. Since that time, the series has taken players young and old on fantastical journeys through

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28 Jan 2016

Rediscovering “Golden Sun” in HD!

Ah…Golden Sun. You know, if you were to ask someone to list off some of the best RPGs available on portable systems, this game series would likely make a lot of lists. In fact, even today a lot of people say that the two Golden Sun games on the Game Boy Advance

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25 Jan 2016

Natsume’s “Lufia” Series – A Lesser-Known Treasure!

My first experience encountering the Lufia series of RPGs was back in the early-90s when a friend of mine brought Lufia and the Fortress of Doom over and showed it to me on the Super Nintendo. What was really different about the game was the fact that the game started with the ending

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23 Jan 2016

“Mega Man 6” Continues w/ Super High-Res Rendering!

I had been meaning to record the second half of Mega Man 6, but kept putting it off due to getting busy with other projects. Then, I sat down one night and played and recorded the fortress stages, only later to mess around with some filtering settings in FCEUX and realize

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02 Jan 2016

Ringing in 2016 with “Mega Man 6!”

To kick off the 2016 calendar year, I decided that since I didn’t stream this one at the end of last year, I’d go ahead and have it inaugurate the new year…At least in terms of retrogaming! Mega Man 6 is kind of an odd little duck. It first appeared as Rockman

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