27 Nov 2015

Grand Finale of “Ys IV: Mask of the Sun!!”

After a long journey that has taken us from Esteria to Promolock and then deep into the forests of Celceta in search of ancient mysteries and restoring peace to a broken land, our journey in Ys IV: Mask of the Sun is finally drawing to a close! Last time, we got deep

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22 Nov 2015

Nearing the End of “Ys IV: Mask of the Sun” (SNES)!

Like with the games before it, the ride through Ys IV: Mask of the Sun comes and goes pretty quickly, but it’s a fun ride at that. We’re already getting close to the game’s grand finale, but things won’t be wrapping up in this video. Here, deep within the Silver Citadel, Adol

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17 Nov 2015

“Donkey Kong” Remastered for the GB in ’94

One of my favorite games on the original Game Boy console was the remake/reimagining of Donkey Kong (sometimes referred to as Donkey Kong ’94) that was put out in 1994. The game, though, is a huge enhancement to the classic formula, taking Mario on a journey across several themed areas and 101 total

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07 Nov 2015

Finally Getting the Hero’s Sword & Entering Silver Citadel in Ys 4!

We recently discovered that the sword of the legendary hero Lefance rested somewhere in the Mountain of Flames, so we ventured through the waterfall caves and reached the mountain itself. Now, we find ourselves fighting through new monsters in the volcanic area, but really nothing here is all that dangerous.

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28 Oct 2015

“Bram Stoker’s Dracula” – a Sub-Par ‘Castlevania Clone’

As a kid, I remember getting this game on the Super Nintendo and thinking that it would be really fun. I loved the Castlevania series of games, so pretty much anything with Dracula in the title was appealing to me. On a basic level, I felt the game was decent and had

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24 Oct 2015

Demon’s Castle of Stormvale in “Ys IV: Mask of the Sun!”

The previous episode of Ys IV: Mask of the Sun took us on a nostalgic tour of the lands of Esteria, seen in Ys I and II. Having once more cleansed those lands of the demon threat, we return to Celceta and to the Village of Komodo to find Lilia being kidnapped

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19 Oct 2015

Adol Returns to Esteria — New “Ys IV” Video!

In an effort not to have the game be completely ruined for me, I’ve tried to stay away from full story guides and walkthroughs of this one, and so I have to admit that this session of Ys IV: Mask of the Sun was really cool for me. After curing the wife

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13 Oct 2015

“Ys IV” — Into the Ice Caves!!

Last time, Adol got nearly killed in the Castle in Sacred Stormvale, but having recovered from his wounds, we set back out into the Stormvale once more and head north into the Ice Caves. This area features some powerful enemies, but it’s nothing that a bit of grinding can’t solve.

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07 Oct 2015

“Ys IV” Continues w/ the Sacred Stormvale in 1080p60!

We begin this episode of Ys IV: Mask of the Sun by pushing through the Celcetan Forest and arriving in the Wind Village of Komodo. There, we learn that villagers have been disappearing recently and that a crater to the south is believed to have something to do with it. So, after

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06 Oct 2015

“Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness” – A Fun N64 Adventure in 1080p60!

When Castlevania 64 first came out in January 1999, it was met with some mixed reviews. I remember the commercials on TV being pretty cool back then, but the game had some issues with controls, had quite a few bugs, and some felt that it was an overall rushed project. Then, at

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