30 Sep 2015

“Ys IV: Mask of the Sun” — A New Retro Play Adventure!!

As you may well know, last fall I kicked off what would basically become a meta-series that focused on Falcom’s Ys franchise of action-RPGs. The first game I covered was Ys Origin for the PC, followed later by Ys I Chronicles+ and then Ys II Chronicles+. I really enjoyed playing these games and I did get good

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23 Sep 2015

“Zelda: Outlands” — The Final Dungeons!!

Despite thinking this would go on for a few more videos, well…This is the last video already of Zelda: Outlands on the NES! Originally, I was going to do at least another two, maybe three, videos, but I really pushed forward through Levels 6, 7, and 8, did a ton of overworld

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07 Sep 2015

“Zelda: Outlands” — More Twistedly-Confusing Fun!

So far, Zelda: Outlands has turned out to be a refreshing take on the classic NES Legend of Zelda formula. I really like how the game isn’t exactly linear, that the overworld is very complex, items are obtained in ways you’d least expect them to be, and that the game is actually quite challenging!

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03 Sep 2015

“Winback: Covert Operations” — The N64’s MGS?

Lately, I seem to have some sort of fixation with the Nintendo 64. I’ve been thinking about why this is, and part of it I think is because even though I have always been a Nintendo fan and, in turn, did love my N64 growing up, that period of gaming

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01 Sep 2015

“Hexen 64” — The Definitive Port?

Last summer, I did a live-stream of Doom for the 32X. It was mainly done as a novelty, because the 32X is an interesting piece of gaming history and I hadn’t touched the series in over 20 years. Yet, during that broadcast, a viewer asked me if I had played Hexen. My reply

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29 Aug 2015

“Zelda: Outlands” — Awesome Classic NES Hack!!

For those that keep up with the fan community, The Legend of Zelda: Outlands is a pretty famous hack. The hack was completed by GameMakr24 and released back in 2001 and stands as one of the very first full-featured hacks of the original NES Legend of Zelda. In some ways, Outlands can stand well on its

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22 Aug 2015

“Mega Man 5” — A Late-NES Blast!

Mega Man 5 made it to the U.S. in 1992, rather late in the life-cycle of the original NES. The Super Nintendo had been out for a little bit by then, but the NES still had a very strong following. Perhaps that’s why developers continued to make 8-bit games on the

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12 Aug 2015

“Wario Land II” — A Game Time Forgot…

The title may be a bit misleading here, so let me qualify it: Wario Land II is one of those games that time has forgotten in my particular case. See, the game was released back in 1998 on the classic Game Boy with compatibility for Super Game Boy, and it

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02 Aug 2015

“Super Mario 64” — HD Textures & Lots of Fun!

Super Mario 64 is one of those games that even if you aren’t a big fan of Nintendo, you know it was ground-breaking and genre-defining when it was released back in 1996. Despite the fact that the Nintendo 64 used cartridges with flash memory in an age when disc-based media

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31 Jul 2015

“Quest 64” — A Meh RPG from the N64 Era

The game’s name pretty much tells you what to expect from Quest 64 – a rather generic RPG that isn’t even worthy of more of an original name than simply “Quest.” As sad as this game’s name might be, I actually read up on the game and found out that

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