14 Oct 2016

“Frog Climbers” Lets You Be a Douchefrog!

Frog Climbers is an insane, strange little party/arcade game from indie studio TeamCrew that just hit Steam on October 6. It’s really an oddity of a title, and for me it was quite stressful until I got the hang of it, but once you give this one a chance you’ll realize

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28 Sep 2016

“Virginia” Weaves an Interesting Tale…If You’re Open-Minded

VITALS: TITLE: “Virginia” DEVELOPER: Variable State PUBLISHER: 505 Games RELEASE DATE: September 22, 2016 PLATFORM: PC (also on PS4/XB1) GENRE: Casual Adventure PRICE: $9.99 USD (Check out “Virginia’s” Steam store page!) When I first started receiving information about Virginia, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The developers had released a demo of

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23 Sep 2016

“Pankapu” Brings Dreams to Life w/ Beautiful Visuals!

Pankapu is a new action-adventure platformer (quite the mouthful!) from Too Kind Studios that released on September 21, 2016. The name is indeed strange, but that strangeness is very befitting of the dream world in which the game takes place. Omnia, the world of dreams, is the setting for this wonderful

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04 Sep 2016

Taking a Puzzling Journey with “Block Legend DX”

A good friend of mine randomly gave me a copy of Block Legend DX for the PC a little while back and given the other stuff I’ve had going on lately it took me a while to get around to firing it up. However, the art style looked pixelated and cute and

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26 Aug 2016

Review: HyperX Cloud Core Headset

Back in March 2016 I picked up a Razer Kraken USB headset to replace my dying Logitech G930 (a nice wireless set that had 7.1 surround support) and was quite happy with it. Recently, though, the Kraken started having issues with the surround sound feature dropping in and out and

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23 Aug 2016

Review: “ABZU” Takes Us Deep Beneath the Waves

VITALS: TITLE: ABZU DEVELOPER: Giant Squid PUBLISHER: 505 Games PLATFORM: PC (also on PlayStation 4) GENRE: Adventure RELEASE DATE: August 2, 2016 PRICE: $19.99 USD When I first saw the promotional screenshots and artwork for ABZU in a press release I immediately felt drawn to play this game. Once I found out that ABZU is

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25 Jul 2016

“Level Up” — Fun YA Graphic Novel Gets New Edition!

VITALS: TITLE: “Level Up” AUTHORS: Gene Luen Yang & Thien Pham PUBLISHER: Square Fish PUBLICATION DATE: July 19, 2016 (First Ed. 2011) When I first received my copy of Level Up from one of my awesome PR contacts, I was pretty excited to take a look at it. The general story description seemed like it

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04 Jul 2016

Review: Hisense H8 4K HDR Smart TV (2016)

Until my quest to find the perfect large-format 4K display to use as a huge PC monitor, I had no idea that Hisense existed let alone what they manufactured. When it came to TVs my mind usually went to Vizio, Sony, LG, Samsung, as well as other brands like Westinghouse,

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02 Jul 2016

Review: Ballistix Elite 2133 MHz DDR3 RAM

Crucial has been very kind to me recently, having first sent me an MX200 solid state drive and now having sent me a RAM kit featuring their “Ballistix Elite” 2133 MHz DDR3 high-speed RAM. Of course, I was aware that there was a market for higher-end RAM, but when it

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09 Jun 2016

Philips 7000-series Smart Slim 4K TV Review

Philips is a fairly well-known electronics company, but for the longest time I never paid attention to their presence in the retail TV and monitor space (though yes, I am aware that they have put out some fantastic PC monitors in recent years). However, Philips does make some really great

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