14 Nov 2015

*Review* “The Park” – A Psychological Ride into the Darkness

“The Park” was released on October 27, 2015 by Funcom Games. It is a powerful, narrative-driven psychological horror experience that may be disturbing to some. A review copy of this game was provided directly from Funcom’s Public Relations team. I remember when The Secret World launched back in 2012 and reading about

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04 Nov 2015

“Coast Guard” — A Decent Search & Rescue Adventure

Coast Guard is another one of these games that I knew nothing about until I received an email from one of my awesome PR contacts who told me a bit about the game and offered a review code for me to give it a bit of coverage. Of course, I don’t

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22 Jul 2015

LG 29UM55 Ultra-Wide HD 21:9 Monitor! [Tech Talk]

Sometimes, it’s a little challenging to simply be “satisfied with what you have” in the world of PC gaming. Most likely, this is because of the sheer availability of tons of fun tech toys and new technology that creeps its way onto the market almost every day. It can be

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07 Jul 2015

“Traverser” — Fantastic Steampunk Puzzle/Adventure!

Let’s clear the air here a bit: Adult Swim Games isn’t just a game development studio – it’s a publisher. In this case, they have published a fantastic new adventure from Gatling Goat Studio called Traverser. Traverser is one of those indie gems that is truly worthy of the adjective

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01 Jul 2015

“Alcahest” – A Wonderful, Lesser-Known SNES J-ARPG!!

Alcahest is another one of these hidden treasures that I was not aware of until very recently, when my good friend Greg from Destroy All Fanboys shared some pictures with me of his Super Famicom collection. This particular game was released only in Japan back in December 1993 and was

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28 Jun 2015

Defender’s Quest Review

In two days I sunk eight hours into Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten. And the addictive RPG-meets-Tower Defense mash-up has me itching to play more. I’m not a big fan of tower defense games, mind you. Up until now I’ve rarely touched them, and only loaded up a simple

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10 Jun 2015

The Fall – A Dark and Engrossing Adventure

The Fall is an adventure-platformer with a unique art style that was kickstarted by indie developer Over the Moon Games. If that sort of tired description makes you want to walk away before hearing any more, don’t! Though it may sound like you’ve heard it all before, The Fall is in

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21 May 2015

Mercenary Kings – Old school in a modern era (PlayStation 4)

I have to admit that I’ve been intrigued with Mercenary Kings from the days the game was on Kickstarter in 2012. In my head there was a mixture of liking Tribute’s earlier game called Wizorb, a love of the classic Metal Slug series and really loving the art style of

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04 May 2015

“FarSky” – A Deep Sea Survival Adventure!

In FarSky, players take the role of Nathan, a researcher whose submarine breaks down deep underwater in the middle of the ocean. Too deep to safely swim to the surface (and with limited air supplies anyway even if he were to think of doing so), he has to set up

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02 May 2015

REVIEW: “Remnants of Isolation” (PC)

TITLE: Remnants of Isolation DEVELOPER: Team Isolation PUBLISHER: Degica GENRE: Turn-based RPG (Single-Player) PLATFORM: PC (via Steam) PRICE: Reg. $9.99 USD RELEASE DATE: May 1, 2015 My friend Jeremy and I have been talking back and forth for some time now about the volume of RPG Maker-made games flowing onto

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