15 Jul 2015

Game Creation Station: Fleshing out a town

In my last column, I discussed how to create a map using RPG Maker XP.  I created a small dark area I named “Tutorial Forest.”  The end product resembled a slightly creepy area that a witch would find homey.  That helped me start to learn how to use the tools

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08 Jul 2015

Zelda Classic [GCS]: Let’s Talk Fundamentals – Warps & DMaps

Last time around here on Game Creation Station, I talked a bit about the initial thought process that went through my mind when I started my current Zelda Classic project, Zelda: Sword of Moria. In short, I had to give thought not just to making an initial starting area, but

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Even Layer
01 Jul 2015

Game Creation Station: Getting Started with RPG Maker XP

Now that I have a sense of what the story is for my world, I want to start learning the tools that I’ll be using.  Although software packages like RPG Maker, Zelda Classic and Game Creator Studio make game creation much easier, these packages still need to be learned.  I

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24 Jun 2015

Zelda Classic [GCS]: Sculpting the World

Assuming you have your general story and progression of events in mind when you fire up Zelda Classic, your first inclination might be to begin constructing an overworld of some sort. Indeed, this is what most ZC designers will do, because most games go the typical overworld-filled-with-dungeons route. By default,

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17 Jun 2015

Game Creation Station: A Storied Foundation

I love role playing games. I cut my teeth on them as a child and I still love exploring a good majority of the products in that genre. I doubt it surprises anyone that my first home based game creation fits comfortably in the role playing game space. What I

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14 Jun 2015

“Zelda: Flow of Time Remastered” — A GCS Recommended Game!

As part of our series of articles and content from Game Creation Station, we wanted to spend each themed week not just talking about a specific development engine itself, but also featuring a game that was designed with the engine that stands out in our minds. Since I’ll be covering

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10 Jun 2015

“Zelda: Sword of Moria” & Zelda Classic: A GCS Introduction!

Last week, Warren did a great job introducing a new “brand” of content that he has been thinking of for a long time and that we are starting together called Game Creation Station. In this new series of content, we will look at different game development tools that are available

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Learning The System
03 Jun 2015

Game Creation Station – An Introduction

Today I decided to create a game. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for years but never actually accomplished.  I’ve fiddled around with engines going as far back as the original Unreal engine, but I have yet to sit down and complete a game. I want that to

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