Zero Friction takes pride in having a staff of ethical journalists.  With that in mind, we have instituted a policy to better facilitate this standard. Any issue that violates this policy will be discussed with the readers so our practices can remain transparent.

Zero Friction is an independent site that doesn’t let relationships with press, companies, developers or individuals color our content. Funds gained from advertising, business investments or crowdfunding will not influence the integrity of the content on Zero Friction, or any of the content posted by the authors. All authors that are caught being influenced by money, swag, free gifts or anything else of that nature will be dealt with immediately.

Writers are not allowed to review or cover any game or product that may compromise their point of view. This includes, but isn’t limited to: having family that work on a game, personal monetary investment in a game or product or having previous or current development work with a game or product in question.  Writers are also not allowed to write about a product or game that is in direct competition to a game or product in which they have a stake.

A writer has to provide any information that may lead to conflict of interest about a product, a game, a company or a developer. If there is any type of personal relationship or any other issue that might be considered a conflict of interest, every writer is required to disclose these facts.  This could include, but isn’t limited to: long term relationships with developers, free swag and games from companies, being offered free hardware and anything else of this nature.

Any posts duplicated or reprinted from another venue on Zero Friction are done so either via the author possessing full ownership of the content or having obtained express, written consent from the owner to reproduce it. Further, any such post must meet the ethical standards set forth by the editorial team.