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25 Aug 2016

“Headlander” Offers Trippy Metroidvania Fun!

Like with a lot of the titles I’ve received over the years from Adult Swim Games, I had no clue what to expect from Headlander other than figuring it was going to be a strange, quirky experience. I’ll admit that my expectation was actually pretty accurate, but in a very good

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23 Aug 2016

Review: “ABZU” Takes Us Deep Beneath the Waves

VITALS: TITLE: ABZU DEVELOPER: Giant Squid PUBLISHER: 505 Games PLATFORM: PC (also on PlayStation 4) GENRE: Adventure RELEASE DATE: August 2, 2016 PRICE: $19.99 USD When I first saw the promotional screenshots and artwork for ABZU in a press release I immediately felt drawn to play this game. Once I found out that ABZU is

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22 Aug 2016

RX 490 — Polaris, Vega, and More!

There’s been a lot of talk for a while now about what the flagship card in AMD’s RX 400-series of cards could be. In their previous series, the 90 and 90X style cards were typically the enthusiast grade within the series, but AMD has previously stated that the RX 480

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21 Aug 2016

“Poly Bridge” PC Review on Button Smashers!

A little while back, I received a review code for indie physics-based puzzle/construction game Poly Bridge in order to provide some coverage for The Button Smashers. Overall, I enjoyed my time with this game, and I think it has some really unique aspects to it. Is this game for everyone, though?

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21 Aug 2016

How To Be A Dick In Ancient Greece

Okhlos is an angry-mob simulator taking queues from fast-paced brawlers and old-school troop management games to deliver a stylish arcade experience without commitment. I honestly struggled with which direction to take when speaking about Okhlos. The game is ripe for mirroring current events and political ramblings, but I decided not

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19 Aug 2016

Enjoying the Deep Sea Mysteries of ABZU!

When I first heard about ABZU, I was immediately drawn in by its art style, graphical wow-factor, and its premise of deep-sea exploration into areas unknown. To make things even more appealing, the game is designed by Giant Squid, a game studio founded by Matt Nava – the art director behind Flower and Journey. Just

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11 Aug 2016

Cartography of “Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

When it comes to Zelda games, cartography has always been one of the biggest mysteries. With each iteration that releases, fans try to take the map and compare it to other versions, overlaying them and trying to see how they fit together. In some instances, the maps are very similar

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05 Aug 2016

“Entering the Zelda Sandbox” — August at CB&MR!

This month over at Comic Book & Movie Reviews, I wrote what I hope is a detailed and insightful piece on the Legend of Zelda series and what the series contributed to the whole “sandbox” genre of games. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in no small part to thank for

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01 Aug 2016

“The Solus Project” Still Rocks at Planetary Survival!

It’s been a bit since I’ve talked about The Solus Project, but I revisited this game today now that all the content is finally available and immediately got engrossed in it once again. I had last left off in a new cavernous area where I finally got a glimpse of one

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31 Jul 2016

Tech Talk: Blame it on The (Input) Lag!

“Nooooo! The game totally lagged out on me!!” Does that sound familiar? Have you ever found yourself justifying a fresh loss in a hectic multiplayer game on “lag?” Back in the day, console games used to “lag out” when there was far too much going on at once and it was putting

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