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25 May 2015

Canon Question: What Happened Between Mega Man & MMX?

I recently came across a video on YouTube (one of many, in fact) where the producer was discussing his ideas on what happened between the classic Mega Man series (early-21st century) and the start of the Mega Man X series (early-22nd century). His theory was a bit out there and

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24 May 2015

Relax to some “Zelda: Sword of Moria” Designing!

By now, you are most likely not a stranger to my Zelda fan-game, Zelda: Sword of Moria, but today I wanted to do something different for you. My good friend Greg (who manages the fantastic site Destroy All Fanboys!) has mentioned to me that it might be fun to do

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22 May 2015

“Technobabylon” — The First 45!

As a companion video to my recent review of Technobabylon, I recorded the first 45 minutes or so of the game to give you all a taste of what you can expect. All-in-all, I still stand firm with what I said in the review: if you like a good cinematic

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21 May 2015

Mercenary Kings – Old school in a modern era (PlayStation 4)

I have to admit that I’ve been intrigued with Mercenary Kings from the days the game was on Kickstarter in 2012. In my head there was a mixture of liking Tribute’s earlier game called Wizorb, a love of the classic Metal Slug series and really loving the art style of

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20 May 2015

“Paper Mario 3D Land” — Fantastic Fan-Game!!

I know I’ve focused on a few Legend of Zelda fan-games here lately, so I figured it was time to change things up a bit and do a Mario one instead. And, though there were a ton of games I could have chosen for this, I decided to visit a

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19 May 2015

“Zelda: Flow of Time” — Frustrating Dungeons Await!

It always amazes me to find some of the super high-quality fan-made games out there that can rival ones put out by AAA companies, and Zelda: Flow of Time (Remastered) is one of those games. It really has a professional feel to it and looks like it could go toe-to-toe

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19 May 2015

Hammerwatch and the Awesomesauce of Starting With a Slower Moving Character

Hammerwatch is an arcade-y indie dungeon crawler that starts simple, is easy to grasp, but treads into deeper waters. I wish I could write that sentence about most games. It sounds simple and explains the idea behind many games in any genre, but for today’s fascination with hardcore and challenging games, Hammerwatch

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15 May 2015

‘The Gaming Goddess’ Podcast – Season 7, Ep. 17: “Too Indie for Ya?”

As we approach the end of Season 7 of the show, I’ve wanted to allow this season to go out with a bang. Leading up to this, I’ve invited long-time friend of the show and a great personal friend of mine, Warren C. Bennett, to join me here for another

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12 May 2015

“Shining in the Darkness” – The 1st in a Huge Sega Franchise!

I’ll admit it: I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to Sega’s long-running Shining franchise of games. Yes, I have played a few of the games, but even so my knowledge is quite limited compared to major fans of these titles. Thus, maybe it will come as a

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12 May 2015

Fortune’s Tavern: A fun Glitchy Journey

There’s been a few surprising entries on Steam that have come out of the RPG Maker community. Games like To the Moon and Last Word have shown RPG Maker isn’t condemned to variants of a stock engine with different stories, but that game play and graphics can be pushed to

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