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04 May 2015

“FarSky” – A Deep Sea Survival Adventure!

In FarSky, players take the role of Nathan, a researcher whose submarine breaks down deep underwater in the middle of the ocean. Too deep to safely swim to the surface (and with limited air supplies anyway even if he were to think of doing so), he has to set up

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02 May 2015

REVIEW: “Remnants of Isolation” (PC)

TITLE: Remnants of Isolation DEVELOPER: Team Isolation PUBLISHER: Degica GENRE: Turn-based RPG (Single-Player) PLATFORM: PC (via Steam) PRICE: Reg. $9.99 USD RELEASE DATE: May 1, 2015 My friend Jeremy and I have been talking back and forth for some time now about the volume of RPG Maker-made games flowing onto

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01 May 2015

‘The Gaming Goddess’ Podcast – Season 7, Ep. 15: “Remakes & Reflections”

This is my very first posting of any episode of The Gaming Goddess podcast here on Zero Friction, but this episode seems very fitting due to at least the first half of the show! This time around on the podcast, I spend a bit talking about my latest “obsession” –

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30 Apr 2015

“Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows” – Lookin’ Good 10 Years Later!

As I’ve mentioned before, lately I have been on a kick where I like to see what different older games can look like once run through some powerful emulation tools and rendered at the highest possible quality on my powerful desktop. When it comes to experimenting with this for the

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27 Apr 2015

Dolphin + PCSX2 = New Life for Older Games!

  For many years now, the idea of an “HD Remake” has been the “in” thing. Developers love to go back and revisit some of their older games and revamp them for modern high-definition (and even UHD) displays, fixing bugs and making an overall superior version. Is it just because

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25 Apr 2015

“Metroid Prime” Looks Amazing in UHD & HFR!

It might surprise you to know that Metroid Prime is a game I never really got into. Yes, I own it. In fact, I got it pretty much right after its original release in 2002 for the GameCube, but for some reason, I just never really got into the game.

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15 Apr 2015

Remembering Titan Souls Demo

Titan Souls is big right now. I played an early demo many moons ago and want to share my fuzzy memory about this unique boss-fighting game with pixelated graphics. I want to approach the game and this article in a retro fashion and from a different viewpoint. The following are

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07 Apr 2015

Nintendo Scores With claim on YouTube Ad-Revenue

YouTube is renowned for being a giant platform for video sharing, original content and video game play throughs that allow users to generate money, but Nintendo has been making waves by claiming their copyright and taking the ad-revenue that previously went to gamers who uploaded gaming videos. Compliant with YouTube policies, Nintendo became

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07 Apr 2015

IndieBox: Monthly Indie Game Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are hotter than Ifrit after having ate a bad food-truck burrito with extra habanero sauce, while being stuck in a car during rush-hour traffic. There’s every color, size, shape and flavor of product imaginable you can have delivered right to your door every month and that includes physical

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