Zero Friction’s Percentage-based System

Any score will be difficult to cater to everyone and every game – especially when Indie games and DLC enter the picture. The meat of our reviews are in the articles. But we have sub-categories and review summaries that can aid our percentage based system nicely.

We score from 0-100 percent, with a 50 representing a “true average,” and allow writers to individually decide if they’d like to break that score down between as many as 6 sub-categories of their choosing.



This combination of freedom combined with static numbers helps convey what we think of an overall game and what individual, key aspects of the game we think are important enough to point out. And percentage scoring is analogous to a straight number. It should be very easy for anyone to wrap their head around our scores at a quick glance.


This allows for some variance between like-graded reviews, games we feel are better but with some niggling drawbacks or games with similar features, but one we feel implemented a feature better than the other.


Our Numbers

100 = Classic
90 = Excellent
80 = Very Good
70 = Good
60 = Decent
50 = Average
40 = Meh
30 = Flawed
20 = Steer Clear
10 = Terrible
0 = Unplayably Bad