31 Jul 2016

Tech Talk: Blame it on The (Input) Lag!

“Nooooo! The game totally lagged out on me!!” Does that sound familiar? Have you ever found yourself justifying a fresh loss in a hectic multiplayer game on “lag?” Back in the day, console games used to “lag out” when there was far too much going on at once and it was putting

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09 Jun 2016

Philips 7000-series Smart Slim 4K TV Review

Philips is a fairly well-known electronics company, but for the longest time I never paid attention to their presence in the retail TV and monitor space (though yes, I am aware that they have put out some fantastic PC monitors in recent years). However, Philips does make some really great

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07 Jun 2016

Hisense 50H7GB1 Smart 4K TV Review!

Hisense is an electronics manufacturer that I really knew nothing about until recently. I’d seen their TVs advertised before, but like many I assumed that they were off-brand and not worth worrying too much about. Yet, some basic research returned the fact that Hisense is actually the owner of a

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