10 Oct 2016

Preview: “Demons Age” Will Deliver Lots of RPG Goodness!

Lately there hasn’t been any sort of shortage of high-quality “classical” Computer RPGs to get your hands on. Pillars of Eternity was received extremely well when it launched in March of 2015 and then last month 505 Games published Ember, another fantastic RPG with a very detailed world with a rich story to

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07 Mar 2016

5 Tips for Starting Out In Balrum

It must be Balrum-week here on Zero Friction, because I have a short video of tips to help new players get their feet wet. These are more quality-of-life tips than answers to specific puzzles or problems. I wanted to help new players get a handle on how the game function,

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05 Mar 2016

Balrum: Someone Finally Made a cRPG meets Minecraft

What has me smitten is that Balcony Team didn’t forfeit hefty cRPG gameplay when injecting Balrum into an open-world, living sandbox with building, crafting and survival features. I still feel I’m playing a good, old-school cRPG with deep mechanics. But now I can do that along with repairing my grandpa’s house, building my

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01 Feb 2016

Serpent in the Staglands[1080@60FPS]: #2 First combat

Episode One saw us getting started. Now we slowly head-off into the wilderness where I get my first taste of combat against some Goblins, Wolves and Foxes. I’m definitely feeling the need for caution and saving often as I approach every encounter. I’m also still trying to figure out the

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01 Jan 2016

Serpent in the Staglands Let’s Play #1

I’ve been wanting to do a proper Let’s Play of Serpent in the Staglands for a long time now, but it was a to-do item that I all-too-often relegate to an unwritten list with no time or date-stamp and only file away in my mind. This means it’s something I

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19 Jul 2015

Avadon 3 In Development and Looking at Fan Feedback

I love Spiderweb Software‘s indie RPGs. They harken back to old-school cRPGs, but with a uniqueness, quality and depth of their own. When I received an email about production on Avadon 3, I knew I had to share it. Avadon 3: The Warborn will conclude the Avadon trilogy. If you’re

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10 Jul 2015

Baldur’s Gate Gets An In-between-quel

If Steam sales weren’t enough to get you to fork over your cash for Baldur’s Gate:Enhanced Edition, Beamdog announced an in-between-quel expansion. Yes. We are getting a brand-new expansion to a 17 year old game. Granted, the expansion is actually for the aforementioned remake that released in 2012, but cRPG

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