21 Nov 2016

“Radical Heroes” is a Fantastic 3D Pixel Romp!

Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis is one heck of a 3D 8-bit beat ’em up from indie studio Mad Unicorn Games. The game is like this wonderful fusion of classic gems like River City Ransom (if you didn’t get that from the title!), Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, and Golden Ax, mixing them all together with movies

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05 Oct 2016

Returning to Battle Brothers

I’ve been forcing game play with some indie games I’ve collected in the past to re-evaluate my interest in them. Battle Brothers is on deck. This open-world, turn-based tactics game has been in Early Access on Steam for a long time, but through my notifications I’m told it’s always being

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22 May 2016

Aurora Dusk:Steam Age takes on the “Everything” game

Aurora Dusk:Steam Age by Sylvain Harlaut oddly-enough reminds me of Distant Worlds:Universe. No. Aurora Dusk isn’t a space game. It isn’t even a 4x game, but AD and Distant World’s share that realm of gaming where players have a great deal of settings to adjust the flavor of how their

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14 Feb 2016

Rodina: Is it already time to say goodbye to No Man’s Sky?

Rodina is a little known miracle. An unadvertised shard of potent dilithium crystal buried and hidden in a sea of inferior types of fuel. A project aiming to bring Daggerfall to space, helmed by one person. If you know what Daggerfall is, good. If you don’t know what Daggerfall is,

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10 Feb 2016

A Closer Look at “Shoppe Keep” (Indie PC)

Recently, I got the urge to take a closer look at Shoppe Keep – a neat little indie Medieval fantasy shop-running simulator – to see what all the game might have to offer if I focused and dug a bit deeper into it. I have to say, I was very glad that

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30 Jan 2016

“Shoppe Keep” – A Flawed, Fun Medieval Store Sim!

Shoppe Keep is a medieval fantasy store-owner simulator from developer Arvydas Žemaitis that has been published by Excalibur Games as a Steam Early Access title. As of the writing of this post (and the video footage above), the game is in Version 2 of its Early Access status. I believe I indirectly heard

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15 Aug 2015

“20XX” — Awesome Mega Man-style Roguelike!! *Preview*

When it comes to fan-games, since the release of 2008’s retro-styled Mega Man 9, there has been no shortage of fan-games developed that capture that look and feel. Yet, few have attempted to capture the style used in Mega Man X, Zero, or ZX. Yet, that’s about to change, though…Honestly, 20XX isn’t exactly a fan-game. I

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15 Jun 2015

“CrossCode” — Unique ARPG Coming in 2016!

What the heck is CrossCode, you ask? Well, I had no clue this game even existed until about two months ago when I stumbled across it on Game Jolt. There, it was included as a browser-based demo to enjoy, and being sucked in by the awesome-looking 16-bit aesthetics, I gave

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