18 Nov 2015

*Spoilers!!* Theories on “The Park”

Despite being a relatively short experience (I finished it in around 90 minutes), The Park is one of those games that sticks with you for a while, leaving you idly thinking about it and wondering what it was that you actually experienced while playing it. It’s for this reason that I feel

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18 Jun 2015

“The Clearing” – Interesting Narrative Horror!

While browsing IndieDB the other night, I came across a newly-released horror game from Undead Scout called The Clearing. The group calls the game their “game zero,” meaning that this was more of an experiment in game design and won’t be representative of their future first commercial release. That said,

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11 May 2015

“Betrayer” – A Unique Open-World Horror in the New World

Until a couple months ago, I had no idea what Betrayer was. Recently, though, I decided to pick it up on Steam after reading a lot of great things about it, and from what I have played so far, it is definitely a game I’d highly recommend. Betrayer is set

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07 May 2015

“Pineview Drive” – A Mediocre Horror ‘Experience’

Pineview Drive is an indie horror game developed by Visual Imagination Studio and released back in July of 2014. I was aware of its existence but didn’t know all that much about it until a recent bundle purchase included this game. I sat on it for a few weeks and

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