30 Apr 2016

RPG Maker MV: Designing A Message Window

After I finished my RPG Maker Basics tutorial series I was spurred-on to continue this into making a very tiny, but fully functional game, complete with a story. The cool part is I already have the story. I’m taking a book idea I’ve had for years now and using it.

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01 Apr 2016

Hyper Light Drifter and the Growing Problem of Indie Games Being Too Hard

I’ve been grumbling from my soap box for weeks that indie games are too hard. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has recently echoed my sentiments to a much larger audience and I have to say that I think it deserves the signal boost. I think there’s a lack of quality control and

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16 Mar 2016

Tools I’m Exploring While Developing RPG Maker MV Game

It will be a slow-boil, but along my winding road of further creating RPG Maker MV tutorials and making my first actual RPG, I have some other software I’ll be looking at and covering in various articles and videos along the way. Spriter Pro http://store.steampowered.com/app/332360/ Spriter is animation software that

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18 Feb 2016

[GCS]Designing difficulty into your game: Variance. Part 1 of 3

When adjusting difficulty, there’s much more than observing how hard or soft an enemy hits a player-character. Enemy strength matters, but games usually have too much complexity. Viewing difficulty in your game as only one dial to be cranked up or down is insufficient. Difficulty can be looked at as something that

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