07 Sep 2018

“Little Medusa” Breathes New Life into the NES, SNES, & Genesis!

Mega Cat Studios, the developers and publishers behind a number of “new” retro games like Creepy Brawlers and Coffee Crisis, are at it again with another fantastic experience in the form of Little Medusa. The game is an action-puzzle title that’s an homage to the NES classic Kickle Cubicle from 1990, featuring an interesting story revolving

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21 Sep 2017

“XING: The Land Beyond” (PC Review)

TITLE: XING: The Land Beyond DEVELOPER: White Lotus Interactive PUBLISHER: White Lotus Interactive GENRE: Adventure PLATFORM: PC (Steam); Also on PS4 RELEASE DATE: September 21, 2017 XING: The Land Beyond is a first-person, VR-compatible adventure game from White Lotus Interactive available for the PC and PlayStation 4. It’s a non-combat, exploration-focused game

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04 Sep 2016

Taking a Puzzling Journey with “Block Legend DX”

A good friend of mine randomly gave me a copy of Block Legend DX for the PC a little while back and given the other stuff I’ve had going on lately it took me a while to get around to firing it up. However, the art style looked pixelated and cute and

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21 Aug 2016

“Poly Bridge” PC Review on Button Smashers!

A little while back, I received a review code for indie physics-based puzzle/construction game Poly Bridge in order to provide some coverage for The Button Smashers. Overall, I enjoyed my time with this game, and I think it has some really unique aspects to it. Is this game for everyone, though?

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15 Mar 2016

“The Guest” – A Psychological, Puzzling Thriller Awaits!

“The Guest” is a psychological puzzle-thriller from Team Gotham and 505 Games, released on March 10, 2016. A copy of the game was provided by 505 Games for review purposes, but the game can be purchased on Steam for $9.99 USD. Dr. Evguini Leonev settled into his hotel room one

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28 Feb 2016

“Perfect Universe” – Quirky Gravitational Indie Platformer!!

Newly released on February 26, 2016, Perfect Universe is another quirky but fun indie offering published by Excalibur Games. Developed by Will Sykes, it’s essentially a gravity-based puzzle and platforming game that consists of three single-player games and six multiplayer ones, each with their own unique gameplay styles, mechanics, and goals. It’s

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16 Nov 2015

A Taste of…”The Last Crown: Midnight Horror” (PC Adventure!)

Ah, here we are with yet another series of games that I had never heard of before receiving an email about it from a PR contact of mine. The Lost Crown is a PC adventure/mystery game that was originally released by Darkling Room in 2008. The game has received generally-positive feedback on

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24 Jul 2015

“Traverser” — The Final Battle & Quest for Truth

So, we finally arrive at the final video of Gatling Goat Studios’s Traverser, and though the game is relatively short (an average play might be 3 to 4 hours), the game does surprise pretty well with things along the way. Last time, we left off with Valerie needing to sneak

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24 Jul 2015

“Traverser” — A Class Divide w/ the Lower City!

So far, I’ve had a lot of fun with Traverser. It’s been something different and refreshing to play. The art style is wonderful, the story has its lighter moments but also has a gritty feel to it, and it’s an engaging game that makes you want to come back for

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16 Jul 2015

“Traverser” — Horrors in the Sewer X_X

Finally working through the game past the initial prologue content, we now are on a quest to figure out what exactly happened to Valerie’s father. President Foss claims that rebels have taken him captive, but already we are suspecting something foul is afoot. Heading to the Town Square, we visit

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