19 Feb 2017

Ananias: Well Constructed Middle-Ground Roguelike

Ananias by Slashware Interactive is a good middle-ground Roguelike with an excellent User Interface. While it’s not incorrect to call it a simplified Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, it also isn’t simplified at the cost of fun or depth. Ananias is extremely accessible and quick to get started with an interface that is

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28 Aug 2016

“Barony” Shows Off My Failures in Dungeoning

Although the vibrant world of roguelikes isn’t something I used to focus on in the past, it’s a genre that has slowly grown on me over time. It’s certainly not one that I excel in, but it’s one that I don’t mind failing in if I have a good time

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26 Jul 2016

“Necropolis” Brings On Fun Party Dungeon Delving!

A very good friend of mine recently shared a copy of Necropolis with me because he had been given more than one copy to put out coverage on and wanted to take a peek at the game’s multiplayer aspects. Knowing absolutely nothing about this one, I figured I’d give it a shot

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01 Jun 2016

Exploring Walled Kowloon City in “Phantasmal!”

Phantasmal: City of Darkness offers a great hook: explore the Walled Kowloon City in a procedurally-generated, roguelike horror experience. Even without the procedural generation and roguelike elements, the setting alone sounds pretty cool. Kowloon City is pretty famous (or infamous?) enough, and this is certainly a good setting for a horror

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24 May 2016

Duskers Asks You To Isolate Yourself In Its Dead Universe

Duskers utilizes slow, methodical exploration with sudden moments of poignant anxiety. Your alone in a seemingly dead universe, bouncing from one derelict spaceship to the next. You have limited supplies and limited fuel pushing you to explore dead ships with malfunctioning drones to find anything useful and discover why the

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21 May 2016

“Mana Spark” Bringing Roguelike Fun from Brazil!

Mana Spark is a new in-development roguelike from Brazilian team Behemutt, set to hit Steam Early Access in the next couple of months. I was directly contacted by them and given a demo (essentially a pre-alpha build) to try out and show some gameplay for, and while at first I wasn’t

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29 Jan 2016

GG Podcast 09-02: “Misleading Labels”

Play Episode: Subscribe on iTunes — Subscribe via RSS This episode’s topic stemmed from an interesting conversation I had with the awesome Jeremy Stratton (a.k.a. StratXGaming) about the use of labels and hashtags in the gaming industry. In particular, though, I should clarify that this is mainly in a marketing manner

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17 Oct 2015

“Sublevel Zero” — 6 Degrees of (Awesome!) Freedom

I’m going to start this off by saying that while I am aware of and have seen the game(s) played before, I’ve never personally played Descent. Yet, that series is what Sigtrap Games seems to be paying homage to in Sublevel Zero – a new “6 Degrees of Freedom” roguelike published by Mastertronic

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28 Sep 2015

“20XX” — Mega Man Roguelike Finally in Beta!

20XX is an action-platforming roguelike game from Batterystaple Games designed in the style of the Mega Man X games. Recently, the game entered its beta phase of development with the release of Beta version 0.80 on Steam, and so I decided to take this new release for a whirl to see what had

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15 Aug 2015

“20XX” — Awesome Mega Man-style Roguelike!! *Preview*

When it comes to fan-games, since the release of 2008’s retro-styled Mega Man 9, there has been no shortage of fan-games developed that capture that look and feel. Yet, few have attempted to capture the style used in Mega Man X, Zero, or ZX. Yet, that’s about to change, though…Honestly, 20XX isn’t exactly a fan-game. I

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