10 Oct 2016

Preview: “Demons Age” Will Deliver Lots of RPG Goodness!

Lately there hasn’t been any sort of shortage of high-quality “classical” Computer RPGs to get your hands on. Pillars of Eternity was received extremely well when it launched in March of 2015 and then last month 505 Games published Ember, another fantastic RPG with a very detailed world with a rich story to

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05 Oct 2016

Returning to Battle Brothers

I’ve been forcing game play with some indie games I’ve collected in the past to re-evaluate my interest in them. Battle Brothers is on deck. This open-world, turn-based tactics game has been in Early Access on Steam for a long time, but through my notifications I’m told it’s always being

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12 Sep 2016

Bring Your Worlds to Life with “Inkarnate!”

Until this past weekend I had no idea what Inkarnate was, but out of sheer luck while searching for a specific map of Hyrule I happened to stumble upon it. I wish I had actually found this application some time ago because it would have been really helpful. A while back I

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09 Sep 2016

“Ember” is a Massive PC RPG Launching Today!

Ember is a very deep game inspired by classic Computer RPGs that launches on Steam today courtesy of N-Fusion Interactive and 505 Games. It’s had a long and adventuresome development history that spans over ten years, but the end result should be a rich and detailed world that has over 30

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04 Sep 2016

Taking a Puzzling Journey with “Block Legend DX”

A good friend of mine randomly gave me a copy of Block Legend DX for the PC a little while back and given the other stuff I’ve had going on lately it took me a while to get around to firing it up. However, the art style looked pixelated and cute and

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08 Apr 2016

Flamberge: Synchronous Turn-Based RPG

I’ve had Flamberge on my Steam wishlist for a very long time and finally decided to explore it. What I found made me wish I had tried it months ago, but I’m happy to finally discover this synchronous, free-roaming, turn-based, tactical RPG that can be played singleplayer or multiplayer. There

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07 Mar 2016

5 Tips for Starting Out In Balrum

It must be Balrum-week here on Zero Friction, because I have a short video of tips to help new players get their feet wet. These are more quality-of-life tips than answers to specific puzzles or problems. I wanted to help new players get a handle on how the game function,

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05 Mar 2016

Balrum: Someone Finally Made a cRPG meets Minecraft

What has me smitten is that Balcony Team didn’t forfeit hefty cRPG gameplay when injecting Balrum into an open-world, living sandbox with building, crafting and survival features. I still feel I’m playing a good, old-school cRPG with deep mechanics. But now I can do that along with repairing my grandpa’s house, building my

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22 Feb 2016

Hero and Daughter+ First Hour of Gameplay

Hero and Daughter+ is a tactical RPG similar to Mugen Souls or Disgaea, but made using RPG Maker. Many years ago I poured over the physical version of Battletech. I’d comb through rules and minutia as I scribbled, erased and scribbled some more on homemade Mech sheets. Designing mechs was

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16 Feb 2016

Dustbowl Let’s Play #3

Getting through my very first quest posed some problems do to the random nature of enemy spawns and my food, water and health situation. In the end I had to cheat the system a little bit by reloading the game a lot until enemy spawning was low enough. Once I

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