01 Feb 2016

Serpent in the Staglands[1080@60FPS]: #2 First combat

Episode One saw us getting started. Now we slowly head-off into the wilderness where I get my first taste of combat against some Goblins, Wolves and Foxes. I’m definitely feeling the need for caution and saving often as I approach every encounter. I’m also still trying to figure out the

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22 Jan 2016

‘The Gaming Goddess’ Podcast – Season 9, Ep. 1: “A New Year with New Adventures!”

Play Episode: Subscribe on iTunes — Subscribe via RSS Yes, indeed – The Gaming Goddess podcast is back with a brand-new season! Season 9, to be exact! Every January when the show picks back up I always mention this – I can’t believe it has gone on for so long! The podcast

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01 Jan 2016

Serpent in the Staglands Let’s Play #1

I’ve been wanting to do a proper Let’s Play of Serpent in the Staglands for a long time now, but it was a to-do item that I all-too-often relegate to an unwritten list with no time or date-stamp and only file away in my mind. This means it’s something I

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31 Dec 2015

Intriguing Turn-Based Teaser by Makers of Serpent in the Staglands

I don’t know about you, but I got excited when spying a teaser-site for Copper Dreams by Whalenought studios, makers of Serpent in the Staglands. By the name and descriptions on the site, I’m envisioning a mashup of Cyberpunk, Steampunk and detective noir with a splash of Blade Runner featuring

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