05 Oct 2016

Returning to Battle Brothers

I’ve been forcing game play with some indie games I’ve collected in the past to re-evaluate my interest in them. Battle Brothers is on deck. This open-world, turn-based tactics game has been in Early Access on Steam for a long time, but through my notifications I’m told it’s always being

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21 Aug 2016

How To Be A Dick In Ancient Greece

Okhlos is an angry-mob simulator taking queues from fast-paced brawlers and old-school troop management games to deliver a stylish arcade experience without commitment. I honestly struggled with which direction to take when speaking about Okhlos. The game is ripe for mirroring current events and political ramblings, but I decided not

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24 May 2016

Duskers Asks You To Isolate Yourself In Its Dead Universe

Duskers utilizes slow, methodical exploration with sudden moments of poignant anxiety. Your alone in a seemingly dead universe, bouncing from one derelict spaceship to the next. You have limited supplies and limited fuel pushing you to explore dead ships with malfunctioning drones to find anything useful and discover why the

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22 May 2016

Aurora Dusk:Steam Age takes on the “Everything” game

Aurora Dusk:Steam Age by Sylvain Harlaut oddly-enough reminds me of Distant Worlds:Universe. No. Aurora Dusk isn’t a space game. It isn’t even a 4x game, but AD and Distant World’s share that realm of gaming where players have a great deal of settings to adjust the flavor of how their

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26 Mar 2016

Can Space Food Truck Inspire a Fantasy Food Truck?

Space Food truck by One Man Left Studios is a co-op game for 1 to 4 players where a procedurally-generated galaxy is explored to collect recipes, ingredients and survive dangers. The game combines deck-building and classes to fulfill group-oriented tasks to appease hungry worlds and achieve food domination. Each player

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28 Jan 2016

Let’s Play Eador: Genesis #1

Eador: Genesis is an alluring mash-up of turn-based tactics, stategy, troop management and city-building sprinkled with RPG aspects. I had gotten it for really cheap during a Steam sale and always liked what I saw, but never played it. I’ve decided to dive in and do a Let’s Play series

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31 Oct 2015

Duelyst: A Turn-based Battle Arena

Call it a Turn-based League of Legends, a squad-based tactical game or a fantasy chess and CCG hybrid. I think those are all accurate-enough terms. Duelyst is an online, multiplayer, turn-based tactical game featuring 1v1 arena battles between players. The only other game that I can recall that tries to

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