11 Oct 2018

“Zelda: Living the Life of Luxury” Brings Casual Play to a Classic Game

On October 10, Nintendo released its first major update to its Nintendo Entertainment System app that brought with it NES Open, Solomon’s Key, and Super Dodgeball. And, while that’s pretty cool on its own, the company also added a bit of a surprise: a special edition of The Legend of Zelda that provides a great

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11 Aug 2016

Cartography of “Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

When it comes to Zelda games, cartography has always been one of the biggest mysteries. With each iteration that releases, fans try to take the map and compare it to other versions, overlaying them and trying to see how they fit together. In some instances, the maps are very similar

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11 Apr 2016

Getting Much Deeper into “Zelda: Tale of Lyria!”

Often, I ask for feedback as to whether or not my viewers want to see some more of any game that I end up doing a feature on, and since in late-March I had done a gameplay video of a new fan-game called The Legend of Zelda: Tale of Lyria, I

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23 Feb 2016

The Zelda Franchise Turns 30!!

On February 21, 2016 Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise marked its 30th anniversary. Indeed, the original Zelda no Densetsu was released in Japan as the inaugural title for the Famicom Disk System peripheral back on February 21, 1986. Since that time, the series has taken players young and old on fantastical journeys through

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23 Sep 2015

“Zelda: Outlands” — The Final Dungeons!!

Despite thinking this would go on for a few more videos, well…This is the last video already of Zelda: Outlands on the NES! Originally, I was going to do at least another two, maybe three, videos, but I really pushed forward through Levels 6, 7, and 8, did a ton of overworld

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17 Sep 2015

“The Last King of Hyrule” – Great Zelda Fan-Game!!

There are several sites I like to look through now and then to see what sorts of new indie and fan-games have been released recently, and the other day I stumbled across one called The Last King of Hyrule. What’s funny is that although this was listed on RPG Maker Net, the

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09 Sep 2015

Serious Side-Questing in “Oceanhorn!”

For a while, I thought that Oceanhorn might be a fairly short game, but so far this has proven not to be the case! Of course, that’s a good thing in my book because I like to really dig in and enjoy the adventures that I commit to taking part in! :)

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07 Sep 2015

“Zelda: Outlands” — More Twistedly-Confusing Fun!

So far, Zelda: Outlands has turned out to be a refreshing take on the classic NES Legend of Zelda formula. I really like how the game isn’t exactly linear, that the overworld is very complex, items are obtained in ways you’d least expect them to be, and that the game is actually quite challenging!

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24 Jun 2015

Zelda Classic [GCS]: Sculpting the World

Assuming you have your general story and progression of events in mind when you fire up Zelda Classic, your first inclination might be to begin constructing an overworld of some sort. Indeed, this is what most ZC designers will do, because most games go the typical overworld-filled-with-dungeons route. By default,

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14 Jun 2015

“Zelda: Flow of Time Remastered” — A GCS Recommended Game!

As part of our series of articles and content from Game Creation Station, we wanted to spend each themed week not just talking about a specific development engine itself, but also featuring a game that was designed with the engine that stands out in our minds. Since I’ll be covering

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