Why write for us? What do you need to do? Where and how do you get started?

We will be refining our process over time to include payed, part-time tiers and maybe even payed full-time positions, but you can always flex your writing-muscles as a contributor.

Why Contribute

Zero Friction was founded by a small group of passionate writers who bring experience and viewers to the gaming table. As a contributor, you have a chance to reach beyond your personal Blog or break into a field of writing that you are also passionate about. Gain exposure and hone your abilities with us.

Contributing Writer

As a contributing writer you are part-time with no pay, and have the benefit of not being on a set schedule. It’s a great chance to make a name for yourself, get exposure and expand your resume. This is a terrific place for any new writer to start or to expand your reach. We want your best writing abilities and we know you want to show the gaming world how good of a writer you are.

We love original content, but will consider author owned cross-posts on a case-by-case basis.

Any posts duplicated or reprinted from another venue on Zero Friction are done so either via the author possessing full ownership of the content or having obtained express, written consent from the owner to reproduce it. Further, any such post must meet the ethical standards set forth by the editorial team.

Ask us about contributing

Contributed work is peer reviewed by one or all of our staff. If you’d like to write for Zero Friction, drop us a line at contribute@zero-friction.net